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Earn Followers

With the follower posting tool, you can instantly send followers to the number of users you choose. All followers posted are real users.

Earn Followers
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With the like posting tool, you can instantly send the story like you like to the desired post. All of the posted likes are real users.

Earn Like
Posting a Comments

With the comment submission tool, you can instantly send the comment to the desired post, in the number and content of your choice. All comments posted by real users.

Earn Comments

How We Help You Get Famous

Getting famous quickly on such a big and popular social media app like Tiktok is no easy task- but possible! Here is how freetiktok.com can help you get free tiktok fans and likes!

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We do not need any information other than your account user name. With Tikfollowers.com all you need to do is enter your username.

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Choose the package that best fits your ambitions! Be aware, our services will cost no money whatsoever, but you may or may not need to download an app or two.


Do not worry if you do not receive Your likes or fans within the first Hour. Our services take up to 24 Hours to complete.

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