instagram published its trend report for 2024

which will be driven especially by Generation Z. The report sheds light on the issues, problems and trends that Generation Z care about.

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Instagram published its trend report for 2024

Instagram has published its trend report for 2024,

which will be driven especially by Generation Z. The report sheds light on the issues, problems and trends that Generation Z care about.

Trend #1 | Fashion and Beauty

According to the published report, Generation Z will act with a sustainable fashion approach in 2024. Generation Z, who will buy less new (unused) clothes, will prefer local sellers to shop.

The sustainable fashion trends that will be most adopted by Generation Z in 2024 are;

#1 Buying fewer new clothes

#2 Wearing the same clothes for a long time in various combinations

#3 Shopping at local stores

#4 Saving money by buying second-hand products online

The 5 fashion trends that will be most adopted globally in 2024;

#1 Modest Clothing

#2 Secondhand & Vintage Shopping

#3 Wearing the same clothes for long periods of time to be more sustainable

#4 Wearing clothes with original and innovative combinations

#5 DIY (Designing, customizing or repairing one's own clothing items)

According to the report, one in three people from Generation Z is looking for a more creative and original style in clothing. Generation Z aims to feel good with their clothing style and wants to dress the way they feel comfortable. Additionally, more than a quarter of Generation Z aims to discover a special scent to express themselves in 2024.

Trend #2 | Social media

The report states that in 2024, Generation Z will place great emphasis on establishing meaningful connections with others. This generation finds social media to be the most effective communication tool to communicate with their friends and family.

When Generation Z is asked what methods they use to get closer to someone on Instagram, their most preferred methods include: liking someone's story, sending short videos or 'memes' via DM (Direct Message), or liking a post they come across in their feed.

Trend #3 | Flirting and Friendship

63 percent of Generation Z participants in the survey state their relationship status as 'single'. According to the report, this situation is likely to continue for a while, because strengthening existing relationships is higher than establishing new ones among the priorities of Generation Z.

Additionally, after meeting someone new, 28 percent of Generation Z prefer to give their Instagram account instead of sharing their phone number when taking the first step.

In all countries participating in the research, "chewing (something) with your mouth open" stood out as the most uncomfortable issue. The 5 most disturbing behaviors identified in all countries where the research was conducted are as follows:

#1 Chew (something) with your mouth open

#2 Bad sense of humor

#3 Dirty nails

#4 Using baby sounds (imitating)

#5 Don't follow your exes on Instagram

The most commonly used methods for Generation Z to flirt with the person they like on Instagram include liking someone's story, adding someone to their own story or photo collection, or adding someone to their 'Close Friends' list.

When Generation Z is asked what they value most about their friends, the characteristics they expect from a friend are "I can tell them anything" and "They understand me better than anyone else."

Trend #4 | Life style

In 2024, Generation Z wants to focus on self-improvement. Here are the main themes determined by Generation Z for 2024;

#1 Personal Development

#2 Lucky

#3 Expressing yourself as you are

The report states that Generation Z is a generation that started working and earning money of its own free will. 1 in 3 people say the best way to become wealthy is to be self-employed.

The three most important priorities of Generation Z for 2024 are "staying healthy" (exercising regularly, eating healthy, etc.), exploring a career path and traveling.

Trend #5 | Food

It is stated that Generation Z is very eager to try popular foods and nutrients. 45 percent of Generation Z individuals participating in the research say they are open to consuming vegan products, and 42 percent say they are interested in trying plant-based meats.

Trend #6 | celebrities

75 percent of respondents know what it means to be a member of a particular fan base or fan group. Additionally, Generation Z seems quite willing to become members of such fan communities. The categories with the largest fan base globally are as follows:

#1 TV series / anime

#2 Musicians

#3 Video games

Additionally, the majority of Generation Z states that the most effective way to show support for a celebrity is to send a direct message on Instagram.

Trend #7 | activism

In 2024, Generation Z will take action by taking an active role in issues such as 'educating themselves/others', 'voting' and 'using social media to raise awareness'.

instagram published its trend report for 2024

February 10, 2024 Instagram


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