Instagram - January 11, 2024 Threads, the rival of Twitter, broke a remarkable record by reaching 100 million users in just five days.

In a stunning achievement, Threads, the competitor of Twitter, managed to set a new record by amassing 100 million users within a mere five days.

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Instagram - January 11, 2024 Instagram Growth in 2024: Maximizing Your Influence

As we enter 2024, Instagram continues to be a pivotal platform for influencers, brands, and creators. Understanding how to navigate its evolving landscape is key to maximizing your influence and reach. In this comprehensive guide.

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Instagram - January 18, 2024 New features coming to Instagram

Instagram announced that it has introduced three new features. Now users will be able to add music to scrolling posts where they share multiple photos. They will also be able to share collaborative posts or Reels with more people.

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Instagram - January 18, 2024 Who Owns Instagram? Who is the Founder and Owner of Instagram and how much is his wealth?

Some of the intriguing topics are who owns Instagram and how much is her wealth.

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Instagram - January 18, 2024 Ban attacks on Instagram allow user accounts to be blocked for no reason

Cybercriminals offer banning services to block Instagram users.

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Instagram - January 18, 2024 10 Useful Features of Instagram

We have compiled for you some features that are highly functional on Instagram but unknown to many people.

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Instagram - February 10, 2024 instagram published its trend report for 2024

which will be driven especially by Generation Z. The report sheds light on the issues, problems and trends that Generation Z care about.

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