Embracing Enhanced Family Features in TikTok's Latest Update

TikTok is rolling out new features for Family Pairing to stimulate dialogues about digital well-being among families:

Customizable daily screen time limits: Parents and guardians can now set distinct time limits for each day of the week, offering more flexibility to customize screen time for their teens. This feature will enable families to adapt screen time to school schedules, holidays, and family vacations.

Screen time management dashboard: We're integrating a dashboard into our Family Pairing feature, which will sum up time spent on the app, the count of TikTok opens, and total time spent during daytime and nighttime hours. Our latest research indicates that screen time is a prevalent topic parents discuss with their teens. Thus, we aim to provide parents with crucial data to guide their teens better.

Mute push notifications: Although notifications keep us informed, there are instances when we need uninterrupted focus. We're introducing a new setting that allows parents to schedule a time to disable push notifications for their teens. Accounts belonging to users aged 13-15 will not receive notifications after 9 pm, and for users aged 16-17, notifications will be turned off after 10 pm.

Recognizing that every family is unique, we persist in supplying parents with essential information about TikTok. We achieve this through collaborations with content creators, industry experts, and safety-oriented advertising campaigns.

Moreover, we will continue to display some Family Pairing information within the app to help users comprehend the options that could be beneficial for them. We hope these features will foster ongoing conversations about safety and digital well-being in our digitized world.