I took the coffin-kankama, and he grabbed me by the arm and threw him into the TikTok. I haven't spent so much time in years. This is how cold friends come out to get an air! As I passed through the bazaar, I said, cı Everything will wait a bit, I will not take another step Ç and I have turned my route into a parallel street and my favorite shopkeeper Ercan's furniture shop. I dived inside, saying, ata I'm deadly cold mind, a kingdom for a tea ata and I was set up in a proper check box to the point of view of Ercan's living room when there was no customer. Because the shopkeeper is the hall when it comes, living room. Ercan ordered tea, he went to the television seat in front of me but didn't pick up the phone. It's down to Tikok. Since I know my future, I said, let If you have Allah, you don't want to watch a video on your phone let. He is determined to draw me to the well where he fell. I bought the phone. One of the elements has an imam lap on the head, and a Burhan Altintop line from the European side is turning at the bottom: liği Sorry, there is dhikr in it and we are trying to develop our spiritual side with friends. Ercanlaha in God bless my brother, I hope the hands adhere to the wall of the Kaaba. I'm saying I could run away without seeing TikTok, but thanks to you, I couldn't escape say but I can't give the phone back. The next video, the next video he even started to go. Actually, I'm not a complete stranger. I know that TikTok comes out as a competitor to musical.ly, which is a lip-sync app, then buy musical.ly, the work has been going away from lip-sync for a long time and people go crazy as TikTok.